Tzadik Bros. Co. Ltd

Tzadik Bros. Co. Ltd. is a company providing concrete sawing and drilling by diamond tools services. The company has an over 20 years’ experience in the field, and it provides its services to customers all over Israel.

Company’s fields of action:
Concrete sawing and drilling by diamond tools.
Concrete drillings
Armed concrete sawing to open windows and doors.
Execution of demolition and excavation projects.
Our staff is composed of skilled, professional workers, who have gone through professional trainings and security guidance in the field. Thanks to the professional, well skilled staff, as well as to the rich experience of many years, the company provides its customers services of the highest standards.

Among our clients: the Ministry of Defense, construction companies, Israel Electric Corp., Solel-Boneh, Electra, Danya Cebus and many more.

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